Wool Rug Cleaning By Hand

Wool Rug Cleaning


Wool rugs made of natural wool require special attention in cleaning to prolong your area rugs life. In the production process of wool area rugs were used and combined different materials: wool, jute, linen, rayon and other fibers. It may vary, and their percentage. Accordingly, it is required to find out the matterial your rug is made of and only than determine which cleaning product is the best for your area rug. At antique rug cleaning we always test your rug fibers before any cleaning. In wool rug cleaning by hand process we use specifically designed brushes for such fabrics, not to disrupt the structure of the wool fibers. The products that we use are gentle but effective and capable to remove stains, grease, pet urine, dust and accumulated dirt. Our Cleaning experts have years of expirience in cleaning all type of rugs . Over the years we have dealt with any kind of contamination. For Cleaning wool rugs we picked the most safest and effective cleaning by hand. That is why the number of regular customers in our company grows and whats even more sattisfying is the number of positive reviews. Antique Rug Cleaning Inc Is One Of The Top Rated Wool Rug Cleaning Companies. If You Need High Quality Cleaning Of Your Wool Rug, You Can Always Count On Us. Call Our Wool Rug Cleaners Now - 1866-976-8747


Wool Rug Repair

Antique Rug Repair Processes

Type of repair we offer:

  • -repair of fraying
  • -overcast
  • -repair of moth holes
  • -fixing of burn holes
  • -handmade fringing
  • -hand style fringing
  • -all types of reweaving
  • -patching of holes
  • -patching of tears
  • -recoloring worn areas
  • -resizing your rug
  • -sew in groves to support
  • -your rug on the wall
  • -rug stretching
  • -much much more

Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Welcome To Antique Rug Cleaning, where washing your valuable Wool rug is very essential, to maintain its wear ability as well as its beauty, Our method of Antique rug cleaning is rug washing which is a process of eight procedures. Step number one is a thorough inspection of your area rug. Step number two is dry soil removal with high volume compressed air referred as air dusting. Step number three before any rug cleaning, rug washing procedures we dye bleed test the rugs to make sure each color of the rug is stable and will not bleed during the Antique rug washing or dry process. Step number four is rug washing procedure with a complete immersion and gentle bubble bath with compressed air for optimum soil removal. Step number five is a thorough rinsing that leaves us with clear rinse water. Step number six is drying we hand dry area rugs on our custom made specialized drying towers that regulate heat tempature. Step number seven is grooming the pile in proper direction of the the reweave and gently coming rug fringes. Step number eight is final inspection of your area rug. At final inspection we make sure that your area rug is at 100% satisfaction. In case your area rug dosen't meet our inspection, the area rug will undergo the cleaning process again and repeat steps 1-8.

Wool Rug Padding

antique rug pad

Pad or padding under rug extends the life of your area rug by providing a smooth, supportive base in addition to preventing you from slipping and sliding on hard surfaces maintaining the placement of your area rug. Be sure to have a good pad to keep your rugs properly cushioned and in place, for your safety and for the long life of the rug. We carry different types of padding designed for use on floors and carpeting, and can advise you about which are best for your application.

Step 1

antique rug inspection

Step 1 - Inspection - our specialized technicians will carefully examine all areas of the rug, which includes; main body, fringes, and side edges. If Any damage, stains or spots are detected they will be noted to allow proper protection from further damage during our Antique cleaning/washing process. If incase damage is noted, we advice costumer to repair the rug before cleaning service to avoid any future damage.

Step 2

rug dusting

Step 2 - Air Dusting - We then remove all dry soil and dust from the rug with our specialized designed air-dusting machines. This is an important step becouse we must remove all dry soil and dust, before undertaking any Antique rug cleaning through procedure involving water. This process takes between 30-60 minutes, where the machine removes several pounds of dry particules, debris, soil and loose fiber from an area rug. This step is done to ensure colors in the area rug to come alive and bright.

Step 3

rug bleed test

Step 3 - Dye Bleed Test - During this step we test the dye of your rug to make sure each color of the rug is stable and will not bleed during the Antique rug cleaning washing or dry process. This is a very important step as some rugs and kilims are not color fast and the dye may run as the result of cleaning them with water in situation like this, we at antique rug cleaning will block it with our trademarked Dye-lock treatment to guarantee no-color running or bleeding occurs .

Step 4

antique rug washing

Step 4 - Washing - During our 4 step of rug washing , we first begin to soak the area rug in 3-4 inches of water to reduce, soil, dirt, and spotting through water saturation and adding gentle antique rug cleaning products that are made specifically for natural fibers. Our products are strong enough for tough soils, but gentle on the fiber. We then genlty brush antique rug cleaning products into the rug. After we begin gentle bath using compressed air and fresh water continiously, this is to ensure that all excess cleaning fluids are removed.

Step 5

rinsing antique rug

Step 5 - Rinsing - During antique rug Rinsing procedure we ensure that all the residues are removed from the area rug. Fresh water is added throughout the wash process continously, removing all unwanted soil. The area rug is throughly washed and rinsed untill the rinsing water is clean and clear.

Step 6

rug drying

Step 6 - Drying - Finally after the rug washing/ cleaning process is completed, we hand dry area rugs on custom made drying towers. Our specialized drying towers regulate heat tempature, and air flow for each indivdual need of the particular area rug.

Step 7

comming rug fringes

Step 7 - Grooming - The antique rug grooming process is attended by placing the area rug in proper / right direction of the review and gently coming both sides of the area rug frindges

Step 8

final rug inspection

Step 8 - Final Inspection - At final inspection we ensure that after completion of the antique rug washing/cleaning process the area rug is at 100% satisfaction. In case area rug dosen't meet our inspection, the area rug will undergo the cleaning process again and repeat steps 1-8.

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